Thursday, November 1, 2012


I always thought when I was younger I needed education, financial stability first, marriage, and lastly babies, in that order, then I would be set. Sounds perfect right? But God had different plans for nick and I--alittle bit of college education, marriage, baby, then finished that education 2years later (but I got to be a stay at mommy for awhile and that was the best thing ever!), another surprise baby, last, financial stability.
I love that while we were "planning" God was sending us blessings and surprises that showed us what life was about! I was worried that if we weren't in our careers that we couldn't start a family...God knew better and gave us Kolton. 3years later I worried again when God sent us another "surprise", Korbin, (I still didn't have a job) but a degree! but guess what, God took care of us again. Now we have two amazing lil boys that came with God's planning and we couldn't be happier. We have budgeted well and got by but never cared because we had the best in life *for us! This year We have had a few hard times but God has Given us another year to remember in our life. I got a job in a school i love! And Today we found out nick got a new job!!!! Much better pay and hours then his current job! Thank the Lord! So, now our financial part of our plan is happening. Not that we are now rich, haha!! I'm a teacher remember?! But we can breathe easier, and that helps this momma's stress issues!!!! I'm thankful for this answered prayer! And I'm grateful for unanswered ones too!

I have to say that I'm loving Gods plan!!!!
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Best friends /brothers

I love watching my boys interact! They have recently.... And slowly became best friends. I love it!! Now that korbin is old enough to really play, they are inseparable. Mind you, they don't always get along, they're still right together all day playing! Kolton is a wonderful big bro, with the occasional smack or fussing that every sibling duo has. I just wanted to document when they finally realized playing together us way more fun, than not!!! I pray they always stand by one another and are best friends!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

My kids are wild today!

I've learned that there are few solutions to days like this.... Put them in bath tub with lots of toys (while mommy reads her book in the floor), bake something and let them help (my kids love that), put in a good movie in car and drive to sonic for a dt. Coke(yup I've done that for piece and quite.... Or drop them Off at Nonna's house!!!

Today....we may do all of the kids are wild! (thank you full moon,or should I say no thank you !!)

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Friday, April 27, 2012

1st big boy hair cut!

Korbin, today you sat in the barbershop chair with paci in mouth, of course, and smiled your way through your first big boy haircut! Afterwards you enjoyed a yummy sucker and just knew how cute you were, you told everyone for two days "hair,hair". My handsome boy, I love you! :)

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Easter 2012...

What a wonderful and blessed Easter we had this year!

Easter party/egg hunt at church!

Kolton really enjoyed coloring eggs this year he sat still for a whole hour and dyed almost 60 eggs by himself!! He LOVED it!!!

He did a great job!

The boys running down the hallway to see their Easter baskets! Ohh the excitement...

Korbin's stash....


Our family Easter Sunday

Some serious cuteness going on here. My boys are too cute in their tie and bow tie!

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Savior.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mommy moments

Last week kolton and I went on a little shopping trip to find our perfect outfits for our family pictures (post with those tmro!). Korbin stayed with my mom so I could shop alot faster, shopping with two kids is tough stuff! It had been awhile since me and my first born had had some one on one time....and we sure needed it! I had several "mommy moments" during this little shopping trip to Marshals and Target. While walking into target my sweet 4 and 1/2 year looks up at me grabs my hand and proclaims, "mom your my best friend and I love you!" Also, he adds that Korbin may also be my best friend! Cause he is sweet and loves his lil brother like that! awwh, melt my heart! Then as we are shopping he is singing quietly, I ask him what song he is singing..."mom, it's just a song about our FamIly". So, I talk him into singing it to me. In the sweetest lil song voice EVER, he begins..."mom,dad,kolton, and korbin, together AllllllWayssss".
Seriously, he is the best kid! There it is my moments that happened right in middle of Target.

Me and (pirate face) Kolton on our shopping trip!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

My "mommavan"

I just got a Nissan quest! I am loving it, automatic doors, DVD players, the works!! Woohoo!

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